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Industrial Systems

Industrial Systems (4)

Monday, 23 February 2015 16:18

Steel Processing Line Power Unit & Manifolds

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  • 75kw, 6 Pole drive motors
  • 210 bar, 216 LPM
  • Water Glycol application, 2500 litre Stainless Steel Tank
  • Pressure compensated pumps, with low flow bearing flushing pumps fitted
  • Integral Bund
  • Pressure filters and Duplex return line filters
  • Large capacity plate cooler
  • Separate manifolds, with Accumulators
  • Electric parts wired to a common junction box
  • Integral lifting points
  • Recirculating Screw pump
  • Welded steel pipe
Monday, 23 February 2015 16:17

Machine Tool Clamping Power Unit

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  • Simple system for machine tool clamping
  • Low flow pressure compensated pump can run continuously with minimal heat generation
  • Small tank
  • Case drain cooler
  • Standard solenoid valves & modules
  • 10 Micron return line filter
  • Anti vibration mounts on the motor pump unit
  • Low noise
  • Low cost
  • Quick delivery
Monday, 23 February 2015 16:16

Furnace Control Power Unit

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  • 50HP, NEMA framed motor drive for American end user
  • Pressure compensated pump control, 140 Bar, 100 LPM
  • Logic element control valve arrangement for large bore single acting cylinder application
  • Ancillary valve assembly for support function controls, one of these being a Proportional valve, with Integral Electronics & Feedback
  • Recirculating pump unit passing oil through 10 Micron return line filter
  • Plate type oil cooler connected to factory water system
  • Emergency ball valves, with flow control valves attached
  • Duplex main return line filter
  • Capacitive level sensor, to constantly signal oil level back to the PLC
  • Lower motor mount forms an integral drip tray
  • 1500 litre tank, divided by internal baffle
  • Anti Vibration mounts on motor pump unit for low noise generation
Monday, 23 February 2015 16:14

Biomass Push Floor Control

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  • Triple 55kw motor drive
  • 144 LPM, 200 Bar, Pressure Compensated Pump 
  • Integral pump unload through the pump Load Sense Port
  • 1500 Litre tank
  • 110% Bund
  • Proportional Valve control to Actuators
  • Recirculating Screw pump passing oil through an Air Blast Cooler (External mount) and back tom tank through a 10 Micron filter
  • Anti Vibration electric motor mount assembly
  • Large capacity breather, with integral condition indicator. Replaceable element.

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